Friday, July 16, 2010

the little things...

Sam is quickly creeping up on the five month mark. I would say in Jack's first five months of life, I probably caught him & Josh cuddled up napping/watching tv no fewer than two dozen times (and at least half of those I ran to get the camera).

These days Josh's time at home is typically monopolized by big brother and leaves little opportunity for baby siestas on daddy's chest. Josh's afternoon off is on Tuesdays, and he often uses it to catch some zzzzz to make up for the all-nighter he pulls in the ER on Mondays. Well, since Monday was our anniversary, he took the night guy, huh? So, he wasn't sleepy on Tuesday afternoon...but when Jack took his nap as usual it looks like Sam found the best spot in the house...cuddling with daddy!

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Jessica said...

Precious! Sam is soooo adorable!