Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sharing Praise

Like most parents we know, Josh & I are firm believers in praising and rewarding good behavior. It usually means we have to punish bad behavior, but we try to praise for a lot of things that may seem silly to folks without preschoolers or who are so far removed they've forgotten what it was like to have little ones. Anyway, I don't even notice it anymore. Pouring out praise for simple tasks done well just happens now. So, I always get tickled when I do happen notice our sometimes silly celebrations.

This morning, I was running around the house doing laundry and other things. I typically do so dressed in my shorts and a tank. Then, if we run out anywhere I throw a shirt on over my tank. So, just before we were about to head out to run a few errands I told Jack to get his socks and shoes on. I then went and put a blouse on. He came into my bathroom and said with a surprised tone, "You get dressed?" (As if I wasn't before, I guess?) I told him I did. He then said, "Let me see you!" as he touched my leg as if to get me to turn around and face him. I obliged and he promptly praised me, "Good job, mommy!"

My heart was warmed. I'm happy that this is something he's learned from me and Josh. It also reminded me that he could have just as easily said, "hurry up, mommy" or "go find your shoes." May my conversations always be seasoned with praise and thanksgiving so he might mimic those words.


Heather O'Dell said...

SO precious! These mommy moments make the other ones not so bad, ha!

Lindsey Brackett said...

Humbling when they remind us what it's all about, huh? Thanks for reminding me to praise the little things always--like the other day when the girls dressed themselves and brushed their teeth without being told!

Carolyn said...

This is so sweet!