Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chalk it up as Fun

Five Reasons to LOVE Sidewalk Chalk:
  1. It's relatively cheap fun. I got a box of 52 sticks from Wal-Mart for $3. Just try not to factor in that you'll have to wash your child's entire outfit (including shoes) and promptly give them a bath.
  2. It gets your creative juices flowing and can make you feel like a kid again. For a moment you can forget about almost anything else that is going on and scribble away. Design anything you like. The world is your oyster, or sidewalk in this case!
  3. There are SOOO many colors to choose from, and the colors are so fun and vibrant. How can you not smile after looking at this kind of rainbow of colors?
  4. You're never more than a rainstorm away from a completely new design. The rain (or water hose) cleanses your palette and prepares it for a fresh start.
  5. Anyone can do it! Here's some of Jack's recent chalk art. Granted I crossed the "A" for him, but he was the one who declared it an "A" (after I asked if it was a "V"...oops!). He's also a fan of "BIG I's" and "little I's," which basically just means long lines and short lines. Won't it be fun to watch his creativity bloom in our own driveway?


black tag diaries said...

i LOVE sidewalk chalk! and who thought you could get it in a pack of 52!?!? that's impressive.

Garretts said...

don't get too excited, julia...the packages says only 26 different colors (2 of each...although, some are pretty similar to each other)


thehollandfamily said...

I absolutely love sidewalk chalk. I use it a lot in chemistry just to get my kids outside. It is so great, cheap stuff. My girls would say your picture: how pretty! That it is.