Monday, October 11, 2010


October has arrived, and it brought some cooler temperatures with it. They were short lived, but they will be back again soon. Although we've still had some days hovering in the 80s, most days have been pretty perfect weather wise. They are the perfect kind of days.

Perfect for tailgating with fellow Raiders

Perfect for spending time with cousins!

Perfect for celebrating milestone birthdays! Dad, I'm guessing you weren't specific enough when you wished for a Bulldog victory that night.

Perfect for pumpkins!
Perfect for afternoon outings at the park...with bubbles, of course!

Perfect for train rides with fellow choo-choo enthusiasts

Perfect for a hayride with my boys!

Perfect for basking in the glory of God's beautiful canvas. A canvas on the verge of changing all around us!

Perfect for photo posing with friends.

Perfect for watching football. Although I'm not used to having to go to this much trouble just to watch a game. I guess that's what happens when your team is struggling (to say the least).

Perfect for monkeying around with friends. Think Evelyn is having any fun?
Perfect for cutting loose and letting things slide.
So, we've been keeping very busy these days...but still been managing to get our fair share of fun too.

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Lindsey Brackett said...

October is a pretty perfect month. I love fall. I'm planning a love fall blog soon.