Tuesday, October 26, 2010

There's a Party...

Waiting on the show to start.
Josh sporting his DJ Lance specs.

A few months ago, I was excited to hear that Yo Gabba Gabba's There's a Party in My City was coming to Atlanta. I quickly got tickets, but it seemed so far away. So far that we never even mentioned the show to Jack, our little YGG fan. Well, showtime finally arrived this past Sunday evening. My mom graciously agreed to watch Sam for us so we could give big brother a special day out with mom and dad.

the Gabba Gabba gang hits the stage!
I was looking forward to seeing what D.J. Lance and his crew had in store for us, but mostly I was excited to watch Jack take in the show. He was mesmerized at times, singing along at others, and up dancing and yelling sometimes too. The only thing I didn't expect was to have such an enjoyable time myself. The Super Music Friends Show guests for our show was Arrested Development, which I'm sure was a sure flashback for most of the parents in the audience. Unfortunately, they didn't play "Tennessee," but rocked out nonetheless. One of the show's staples is a segment called Biz's Beat of the Day, where Biz Markie does a beatbox for the kids to mimic. So, we were also transported back when Biz himself waltzed out on stage. And even more so when he broke into a few bars from his best known single, "Just A Friend."

A month shy of 3 years old on
his first trip to the Fox.
Another great highlight was Jack saying unprompted numerous times after the show, "that was fun!" Makes you want to do it again and again. By the way, Josh...saw there's a 7 pm show in Jacksonville Wednesday night...think we can make it on our way to Amelia Island?

You can check out more pics from our night out at the Fox.


black tag diaries said...

so fun! what great pics! lance and i were introduced to YGG last month when the twins were in town... and i found myself with songs stuck in my head for days.

Sarah said...

What a fun, special day with Jack. It's so nice to have those one on one days.