Thursday, October 14, 2010

Endless Supply

Surely there is something that you consider a bit of a treat for yourself. Whether it's a massage or a pumpkin spice latte, etc. What is something that provides you a bit of sanctuary and rest from the hustle and bustle? If you had an endless supply of time and money, what would you do? And don't say you'd move to the beach...I'm thinking something a little smaller scale.

For me, I'd use my endless money and time to have my hair washed and styled every day! Maybe I wouldn't appreciate my trip to the salon as much as I do these days, but I absolutely LOVE having my hair washed and of course never seem to be able to style it as wonderfully as the stylist.

So, what simple pleasures would you take advantage of if you had an endless supply of money and time??


Abigail said...

With endless time I would clean and organize. I'm fully aware this is not self indulgent, but lately that's all I want to do but I have no time.
With an endless supply of money shop shop shop. I wouldn't shop for anything in particular I would just shop! I heart shopping more than anything. It frees my mind and makes me happy. ( kid free ) of course ;)

black tag diaries said...

massage. no question about it. one hour. full-body. every. flippin. day.

kriswalls said...

I would have an "Alice"!!!

Sarah said...

I would: get my hair done, have a massage once a week and have someone to clean my house.