Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So, last week I celebrated the third anniversary of my 29th birthday. Yep, that magic 32. I like to think I'm pretty low maintenance and pretty non-demanding when it comes to birthday celebrations. But since my husband had plans to spend most of his weekend with an old friend from residency and their fathers at the PGA Championships in Atlanta, I think he felt like my birthday would be overshadowed by the arrival of our houseguests. So, I had a few exciting and unexpected surprises.

The boys and I joined friends for swimming, and Andrea (one of my sweetest girlfriends) brought a chocolate chip cookie cake for us to share. The kids took delight in singing and the sweet stuff was the perfect motivation to get the kids out of the water and ready for naps! Thanks, girls!

Soon after we arrived home, the doorbell rang. Jack and I answered the door to find flowers! Josh (and the boys) had sent a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers. A lot of girls say that flowers are a waste of money or they die too quickly, but I think they have such a way of brightening your day! I always loved getting flowers delivered when I was working in an office setting, since it lets your coworkers know you have an incredible hubby! Well, now, my boys know they have an incredibly thoughtful daddy!

With company arriving at some point that evening, we had planned on staying in. I was perfectly fine with a fun night at home as long as I didn't have to cook. I figured we'd just warm up leftovers. But Josh had other plans. He brought home a caterer! Yes, I heard another voice when he walked in from work and discovered a stranger in my kitchen. A stranger who could cook! We enjoyed fresh spinach salad with homemade dressing, chicken florentine, wild rice, asparagus and a yummy white chocolate mousse pie. And, she cleaned up too!! It was such a treat to spend time enjoying the boys and catching up while someone else prepared our dinner. Josh seemed pretty tickled that he'd managed to surprise me. I love surprises, and he sure pulled off a pretty good one!

On Saturday, I met several girlfriends to see The Help. It was full of laughter, a few tears and stuck pretty close to the incredibly gripping book. Afterwards we stuck with the sixties theme and had dinner and shakes at Fenders, a local diner. After serving as hostess to a few extra it was nice to get a break from the duties at Hotel Garrett for a few hours. Thirty-two aint so bad, in fact it's been one of the best birthdays ever.