Tuesday, August 16, 2011

m is for moooo & milk!

Last Monday the boys and I headed down to Braselton to meet some friends of ours for some fun at the Mayfield dairy. My best friend from high school lives nearby. She has a three-year-old as well and is expecting her second child in December. Although they are less frequent than we'd like, we enjoy every chance we have to get together. It had been almost a year since our last playdate in October!

We enjoyed lunch together beforehand, where the kids were a bit wild. Then went to tour the Mayfield operations. Maybe still a bit over the head of three-year-olds, they seemed to enjoy seeing the big milk trucks and milking Bessie.

Checking out Bessie

Jack surveying the scene

Evelyn takes a turn

What is this thing?

Sam takes his try

"I will figure out how this thing works..."

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Lindsey Brackett said...

I've been thinking of taking the girls here since it's right near the bank. We'll have to go together sometime. You can see your BFF, I can take my husband to lunch, and we'll save on gas AND I'll be down 2 kids so it'll be a breeze :)