Saturday, August 6, 2011

going out with a bang

Our last full day in the mountains we traveled down to nearby Lake Lure.* The lake is located very close to Chimney Rock, and the backdrop of the mountains create an incredible view. We spent our first couple hours enjoying the beach area. I think Jack enjoyed being able to float, swim and jump around without having to worry about waves crashing around him. Although he will be quick to make sure you know we went to a beach with brown water, as opposed to blue water. The water was so cool, which was so refreshing. The boys also enjoyed testing the waters at the splash area beside the beach.

After packing up at the beach, we headed over to the marina and hopped on our boat for the afternoon. We enjoyed a picnic on board, and the boys loved the breeze blowing in their hair. It was one of the highlights of our trip. The boys took turns helping Josh drive the boat, and we cruised away.

*Fun fact: Many scenes from Dirty Dancing were filmed at Lake Lure.

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