Sunday, August 14, 2011

like curious george, not george from seinfeld

A couple of weeks ago, our church organized a "mommy & me" trip to Imagine It, the children's museum in Atlanta. In anticipation of our arrival, I tried to explain to Jack where we where headed. He asked if it was a museum like George goes to. And just to make sure I knew he was talking about the cartoon monkey he added, "Like Curious George, not George from Seinfeld."

I assured him that this was the kind of museum where we could touch everything! Jack loved shopping in the market, running the register, loading the grocery truck and milking the cow. Sam was a busy body as well. It was a workout to keep up with the two of them.

this boy likes to shop for groceries!


Sam loved the ability to explore

painting fun!

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Salena said...

If you would like to take the boys to another place along the same lines, they would probably enjoy INK in Gainesville. I think it's around $5 to get in, and they can touch almost everything there. It has a bank, grocery store, diner, farm, hospital, dentist office, and several other sections, as well as a real plane, fire truck, and police car they can get in.