Monday, March 16, 2009

Let me count the ways...

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart husband! Josh turns 32 today. In some ways it's hard to believe we've celebrated your last 11 birthdays together. In other ways, I can't really remember not celebrating on March 16. I thought I'd compile a list of just some of the reasons I love you in honor of you embarking on your third year of a 30 something. (How does it feel, old man? Hate to keep reminding you, but you married a much younger woman...who is still rocking the 20s.)

32 reasons I love you & reasons you are the best:

1. You always say "This is great," while we are eating one of my home-cooked meals (even if it's out of a box)!
2. You are taller than me.
3. You like symmetry.
4. You tolerate my obsession for Chick-fil-A and Target with the most loving attitude. (There could be worse things to be addicted to, right?)
5. You make fun of me.
6. But you laugh hardest when I make fun of you!
7. You love learning new things (which works out well, because I'd rather just know right now!)
8. You are the best daddy.
9. I love watching you play and wrestle around with Jack (although I have to leave the room when the throwing him in the air to land on a pile of pillows begins)!
10. You don't mind watching stupid tv shows with me.
11. You have a great sense of style with your wardrobe.
12. You always listen to the ridiculously long stories about my day (wait, so do the folks that read my blog!)
13. You encourage me to try new things (food, hobbies, whatever it is)
14. You work hard.
15. You miss me and Jack when you are away from home all day and you tell us so.
16. You don't mind changing diapers.
17. And, I don't usually have to ask you to change a diaper.
18. You always let me get the mail.
19. You let me use your Blackberry to check my email when we are out of town.
20. You kiss me goodbye every morning.
21. The first thing you do when you get home is find me and give me a hug and a kiss.
22. You don't take for granted time spent with family.
23. You love college football.
24. You hate hockey highlights on SportCenter.
25. You always tell me, "Laura, you're the best!"
26. You make lists. (It has rubbed off on me!)
27. You plan ahead for almost everything.
28. You like to drive and always do so when we travel. (Meaning I get to read or check my email...see #19)
29. I can always count on you to do what I need.
30. You always call when you are headed home to make sure we don't need anything.
31. You read our blog (and if I pester you enough, write on it!)
32. After nearly 11 years, you still make me laugh every day.

Happy Birthday, sweetie! Have a wonderful day!


Dove Wedding Photography said...

What a sweet tribute! I love that he lets you get the mail- I love to get it too!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Josh! You are blessed to have a wife that loves you so much! Oh, and Laura, don't be jealous that I went to Target and had lunch at Chick Fil A today! (:

retiredmoonlighter said...

You forgot to mention:
1. ability to grow a sexy beard.
2. dedication to the lifelong pursuit of great BBQ.
3. killer karaoke skills.
4. knows that sunflower seeds can be used as a survival technique.
5. can recite the entire script of The Princess Bride.
6. campeon espanol de Georgia.
7. not afraid to stand up to loud/drunk florida fans.
8. enjoys his long as they don't get in the way of a 22 oz ribeye.
9. He continues to be well respected by his previous colleagues.
10. Did I mention the beard?