Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Say you are here to stay

Dear Spring,
Thank you for your loveliness. Your beautiful sunshine and cool breeze are what make you so fun to be around. I have enjoyed your presence the last 4 days. Hopefully my carrying on is not making some of my friends curse me. May I make a small request of you, Spring? Please tell me you are here to stay. Your pal, Old Man Winter, has given us quite the cold shoulder (okay, that pun was intended) and without an inch of snow to show for it! I know his routine. He lets you make your way in to our hearts and then pushes his way back in front for another week or two. Please don't let him bully his way back...even for a day. Please, sweet Spring, stand your ground. In return, we promise to keep enjoying you daily!

Here's proof:

Aren't these two cute?

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

I feel the same way...come on spring I'm pulling for you too!