Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Somebunny is a very good friend!

I had a board meeting at the hospital today. I asked Jenn, a sweet friend who has two little ones of her own if she would mind adding another to her crew for a couple of hours. She happily agreed. After his fun-filled time with Ms. Jenn, Davis & Carson, I wasn't sure if Jack would want to come home.

Not only did they craft, eat yummy lunch (including fresh blueberries!) & play outside, but Jenn managed to capture much of it in pictures. Very good pictures, I might add! Thank you greatly, Jenn. You are a wonderful mom and a sweet friend. I'm looking forward to our fun time in Greenville next weekend.

Best of all, Jenn invited us back. They have a wonderful property with a creek and lots of room for boys to roam. Now that the weather is warming, we look forward to more fun with Davis & Carson. I also look forward to repaying Jenn's favor, although I can't promise crafts and fresh blueberries...I'll do my best! Jenn, We'd love to have your kiddos anytime...especially if you and Shane want to see a certain movie :)


Anonymous said...

my my...aren't you so very sweet. it was such a joy to have jack at our house. i feel so famous getting mentioned in the blogger world!!
really, anytime you need to get away or want to spend some time in the woods- call us! :-) it was a perfect morning! jenn

kriswalls said...

Isn't Jenn great? I just love her.

Erin said...

Jenn is just the best! She is so gifted. I also love your post about your sweet husband's birthday. What a lucky man to have a wife like you!