Monday, March 23, 2009

Best Nap Ever

I think I had the best nap of my life yesterday afternoon. Just thinking about it sort of returns me to the sheer bliss! I guess I have to set up the story, so you can learn how to also achieve the best nap ever. It all starts with a ridiculously fun weekend.

Friday afternoon our MOPS group left for our retreat in Clayton at Camp Pinnacle. My mom graciously agreed to come and watch Jack until Josh was home from work. Later that evening Josh's buddy Ben and his son Ben Jr. would be coming up for the weekend. After our steering team made a stop at the SUPER Wal-Mart in Clayton for much needed supplies (ie. Oreos, Reese's PB Eggs, Cokes, Candy...), we got settled in the cabin at Camp Pinnacle. Once the moms began to arrive, we split into teams and began a scavenger hunt around Clayton. There were a few items to collect, but the majority of the hunt involved capturing photos of places or things taking place. It was oh so much fun.

Later we met for dinner at Mama G's and then retired to the cabin. Only there wasn't much retiring. Most of us stayed up pretty late playing games, laughing, snacking and then crept into our sleeping bags for a couple hours of rest before our 7:30 wake-up call. We enjoyed yummy Chick-n-minis and cinnamon clusters from Chick-fil-A before returning home...making the early departure much easier.

Once home, I joined the boys (Josh, Jack, Ben & Ben) for their late breakfast. Soon after Ben headed to pick up Wendy. The rest of us stayed and played. Ben, Jr. & Jack took a bubble bath, which Jack enjoyed until we turned the jets on. Then he was done! After he got out, we turned them back on and let the bath become a tub of frothy bubbles. Ben, Jr. loved it. Then, we all headed to Chuck E. Cheese.

I thought there might be a chance that Jack would hate CEC and we would then have an excuse to never go back. It's actually not that bad, but Saturday afternoons are pretty much the worst! At least we didn't encounter any vomit! Anyway, Jack loved CEC! He devoured the pizza. Oh, and thanks to daddy we discovered he likes root beer too.

Sunday the Pucketts joined us at church. We enjoyed an awesome lunch at Hawg Wild. Love that place and it's incredible sweet potato fries. After the Pucketts departed for home around 2:45, Josh set out to mow the front yard. I put Jack down for a much-needed nap. I quickly studied up for my KidzLife duties at church then crawled in bed myself. I remember waking up when Josh came in about 20 minutes later, but he didn't bother waking me again when he left for drama practice at church. Thankfully, I did wake up in plenty of time to make it to church by 5:30, but it was one of the best naps ever. I'm pretty sure there was drool to prove it! LOL!

You can read more about my MOPS Retreat here.

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Anonymous said...

such cute pics. from the MOPS retreat!! Jack looks JUST like you in the bathtub picture- so cute!! Hawg Wild has the best bbq yummy. I bet you were tired after that up for Greenville! :-) Jenn