Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Local News...

Some of you may remember me writing a few weeks back about Jack participating in a photo shoot for an upcoming ad campaign at the hospital. Well, if you don't remember don't feel bad because it was merely a brief mention in an already brief blog entry with no pictures. That's of those boring posts with no fun pictures that you all suffer through. Say what you want it was one of my "most commented on" (is that a real phrase?) posts.

Well, the ad is ready, and I'm told will begin running tomorrow. I've included a photo here, for those of you that don't live around here or locals who don't subscribe.* And for you locals, be sure to come and see how incredibly nice the newly renovated Family Birth Center is. The aesthetics now come close to matching the incredibly wonderful care and personal service you'll encounter there.**

*Shame on you, if you fall into this category. Our local newspaper is a wonderful source of information that you can't find in the AJC (which doesn't deliver around here anymore anyway...but, we won't get started on that)...not to mention the loads of humor I often find in each issue of the local paper. Finally, the newspaper is a dying art form that needs our support. Subscription rates are ridiculously low. Call today! And, no they aren't paying me to say this (not enough people actually read my blog for that to ever happen, but if you know of some way I could get paid for saying things I already would have said...please let me know!)

**No, I'm not getting paid to say that either. But, I do speak from experience.

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Sarah said...

I recognized Jack before I even read the ad! And I second the recommendation about the NE Georgian - it's way too great to pass up! I love it!