Thursday, May 21, 2009

If you are what you eat...

...then Jack has been many new things this past week or so! Yes, despite the temporary hiatus from most things food our little one is beginning to pick up some steam. He's always enjoyed some of the basics: turkey, chicken, cheese & fruits, but other than those he wasn't very adventurous and stuck mostly to his chocolate milk and diluted juice. We're glad to see him exploring alternate food groups!?!

1. Brownies and Ice cream...this is a food group, right? Apparently best shared with the ones you love, Jack loved every minute of this dessert especially eating it with a straw as a fork.

2. All things spicy. Jack enjoyed some jambalaya last Thursday and on Friday showed his extreme fondness for the salsa at El Campesino.

3. Coke Zero...through a straw, in a big cup...however he can get it! This little guy loves coke. It's terrible...we're terrible, I know.

I know these are all great nutritional choices. Seriously though, he has started eating a few more things and eating better portions of his standard favorites, so we'll continue to reward him with ice cream and coke...ha, ha, ha!


Sarah said...

Jack can hang with me anytime. He's got great taste!

Carolyn said...

This is too funny Laura!

Kim said...

I bet he'd LOVE a coke float!