Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On the Air

Yesterday, Josh, Jack and I had the priviledge of visiting with Kathy Nicholson of Southern Hospitality. As I mentioned in a previous post, Josh will be cooking with Kathy as part of our Kitchens That Cook fundraiser next Saturday. (That's's only 9 days away! Still need tickets? Let me know!) Kathy asked us to come out to WRAF at Toccoa Falls College and record a segment to air on Sunday about the event.

Since Tuesdays are Josh's afternoon off and we barely saw each other yesterday, he hated for us to not spend the day together. So, Jack joined us in the studio. He was was pretty cooperative for the most part...especially considering he was in the midst of skipping a much-needed afternoon nap! He loved it when Kathy let him control the sound board.

After the interview we took a trip down to the falls. The weather was perfect. The short walk to the falls is in the shade and there is a cool breeze coming off the water. What a beautiful place! Thanks for being so good to us, Kathy! We're looking forward to lots of fun next weekend!

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Kathy Stroud Cashion said...

JOSH CAN COOK TOO? Great! I pretty much thought he could do everything. Hope all goes well at the fundraiser. We are leaving for the beach on the 23rd for a week. I am so ready.

You know what? I sure don't tell you often enough how much I appreciate you both. God put two servant's hearts together when he brought you together. I love you dearly. I hope you know that. From the first time I met you when Jack was born, I knew I would love you. You let me hold that baby and didn't even hardly know me.