Monday, May 18, 2009

You Spin Me Right Round

You hear people say that kids learn something new everyday, but I rarely notice the day that Jack figures something out. Usually, I just up and realize that he's been doing something for a couple of weeks. Well, this afternoon while I was preparing dinner I spotted Jack spinning around in circles. He just kept twirling and twirling until he would get dizzy, stumble and usually fall. So silly! I'll try to post some video soon!

Last Wednesday, I talked Josh into leaving choir practice a little early so he could cut Jack's hair. It was getting so shaggy, and we rarely have a night at home any more with Josh's rehearsal schedule for State Road 47. The trim was much needed and now Jack can actually see again! Here are the before & afters!

Anyone else think this kid could use a haircut?

Hey, I can finally see again! I had forgotten all about this toy!

Thursday evening we attended the End-of-the-Year program for Jack's preschool (which is at our church). Jack goes to play with his friends on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a few hours. It is a great time for me to get caught up on the projects I've been doing lately. This week is the last week of school though, but Saturday is also the big Kitchens That Cook Fundraiser. Hopefully, my life will feel less chaotic when that event gets pulled off! Anyway, since the kids in Jack's class are so young they showed a slideshow of some of the things they did this year and then they pushed them into the sanctuary in the bye-bye buggy (a six seater stroller). It was sort of like a parade. They played "Jesus Loves Me," and Jack bopped his head back in forth all the way down the aisles. He sure loves music. Later that night I joined some friends to view the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and celebrate Andrea's 30th birthday! Glad I'm not that old. :)

Friday & Saturday were filled with birthday preparations for the small gathering we had to surprise Andrea on Saturday. Josh's mom and dad decided to make an appearance in town on Saturday. They joined us for the Mountain Laurel Parade in Clarkesville. As you can tell from this pic, Jack was mesmerized by the parade. He did actually bounce around when the Band of Blue came by. About 20 minutes after the parade ended the rain started coming down pretty hard, so we headed home. The skies cleared in time for the party. Jack got a good nap and stayed home to play with Grandmommy & Grandaddy. After the party, we returned home to find Jack enjoying himself. We all went out for a bite to eat before they had to head back home. It was a good weekend. Hope this Saturday's weather is cooperative as well!

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Kim said...

I can't wait to see video of Jack spinning!

WOW! Josh is a man of many talents, just add barber to the list. Can you go ahead and set us up an appointment for Hailey? I fear her first hair cut may be coming soon.