Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pete & Repeat

You probably remember that silly joke about Pete & Repeat sitting on a fence. If you don't I'll have to share it with you some time. Repeat is becoming quite the trend around our house. Jack is quite the chatter box, trying to repeat the things you say. I've been meaning to update you all on the things he says these days. So, here's a list in no particular order (although I'm sure I left some out!)

dada - Daddy (He says this a lot. When we walk into Josh's office, when we pull in the driveway, when I bring him downstairs from waking up)

ma - Mama (He says this very little, usually when he sees a picture of me, sometimes when Josh prods him)

no - No (go figure, right? He always says this by drawing out the n and kind of sing songy. Usually, it's because he doesn't like that you won't let him do something he wants to do.)

no - milk (not to be confused with the "nnnnnno!" This is said first thing in the morning and other times when he sees a sippy cup. It started out more like "nik," but somehow is basically a "no."

peese - please (Jack has been signing please for a while now, but we finally taught him how to say it a few weeks ago. Now, he says it all the time. Whenever he wants something, especially if he thinks you don't want him to have it.)

cheese - cheese (spoken only when actually eating his cheese, which is less frequently these days...he's on a milk kick!)

ee-oos - cheerios (Jack loves Honeynut Cheerios)

coo-coo-kee - cookie (this is really cute and kind of gurgly sounding)

wa-wa - water (usually reserved for his bathtime conversations, but he can easily reach the knobs on the tub in our bathroom and loves to turn on the "wa-wa")

fis - fish (used primarily when asking for goldfish or seeing a picture or tank of fish)

f-wow-wa - flower (everything that even closely resembles a flower and even a few things that don't get labeled this, including all houseplants, dead leaves spotted on the ground, etc.)

Dew-drew - Andrew (his best buddy at church)

Say-c - Stacie (one of my best friends from Athens, he just started saying this clearly Monday evening)

Pa-Pa - Pop (my mom calls my dad Pop to Jack and he started repeating it yesterday...I think short names help!)

ca - car (sometimes he points out cars)

Ca-ca - Carson (Jack's sweet gal pal from church)

woo-woo - woof-woof (if something looks like a dog, it says woof, woof...and apparently when you are 17 months old, everything looks like a dog!)

yeow - meow (anything that resembles a cat. Jack loves animals!)

ba-baa - ball (anything and everything round in nature is a ball. Some things are just ba, others are ba-baa. You really have to draw out the last syllabyl.)

bu-buh - bubble (not to be confused with ball, Jack loves for us to blow bubbles outside!)

ba-ble - apple (this sounds very similar to ball, but usually is said when pointing at an apple and to indicate "I want you to give me some of that apple!")

I'll add more as I think of them.

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Kim said...

How cute. I love to hear the way toddlers say things. Hailey used to ask for her "bear" but it would come out "beer". And in case you didn't know, people look at you kinda strange when you're out and your two year old ask for her beer. Go figure!