Monday, May 3, 2010

"I Say Dangerous!"

It is so much fun to hear the things that Jack says these days. And one of the cuter encounters took place the other day when even he took notice of his developing vocabulary. Yesterday in the car he asked for "daddy's knife" so he could cut his security tag from church off his leg. When I told him it was dangerous, he repeated it..."daddy's knife...daddy's knife...daddy's knife dangerous." You see, instead of "um, um" he repeats the beginning of the sentence when he's gearing up for a big word. Then the cutest was afterward when he yelled, "I say dangerous! I say dangerous!" Yep, the little sweet heart had realized he had managed to conquer a big word and he was pretty darn proud of himself. Not a moment later he added, "Jack talking!" I guess he wanted to make sure his speaking accomplishments didn't go, of course it was followed by lots of cheers and acclaim from mom and dad!

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black tag diaries said...

yep... we have a real-deal word repeater on our hands. although, i think we'll let him slide based on his cuteness factor. i would hang out with this word repeater any ol' day.