Monday, May 10, 2010

I've Got A Secret

What a great weekend. It began with dinner right off the grill on Friday night and continued with big tires and loud horns at the Touch-A-Truck event on Saturday. Jack is just a tad obsessed with fire trucks, ambulances and the like. Although he was a little less excited and bit nervous to see them so up close and personal, he had such a good time seeing the trucks, a rare Russian spy boat and a helicopter.

On Sunday, we participated in the parent-child dedication at church. Our families came to support Sam on his special day. It was so wonderful to spend the day just hanging out with everyone. Take a look at some of the fun.

Another of Jack's recent obsessions...whispering and secrets. Last Saturday during a long car ride he just kept whispering "I say doughnuts..." and then waiting for us to laugh. This weekend it was whispering in your ear this heart-melting secret: "I love you!"


Anonymous said...

Was this photo of you in front of the fire truck taken by a professional photographer? It's pretty amazing.

Lindsey Brackett said...

Thanks for supporting Touch-a-Truck, coordinated by the fabulous NHMS staff. Your pictures are beautiful, as always.

kriswalls said...

That is so sweet! That is the best secret in the world!