Monday, May 24, 2010

A Visit From the West Coast

We had some visitors from the West coast join us for part of the weekend. The Pucketts have been living in San Diego for several months now and are slated to return to Georgia in just a couple more months. We were grateful that they found time to visit us during their trip last week to begin finalizing plans for their return. We weren't sure if Jack would really remember Ben, Wendy & BJ, but it didn't really matter. He was thrilled to have a friend to play with.

He had some trouble with BJ's name and kept saying PJ. We tried to teach him by saying "ba, ba, ba BJ," but that only resulted in him calling him "ba, ba, ba PJ!" Thankfully BJ didn't seem to mind too much. He showed Jack how they jam on the West coast. We are looking forward to the Pucketts being closer to home in a few months. For now, enjoy that ocean air!

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