Thursday, April 15, 2010

Car Ride Convos

I can still remember maybe a year or so ago wondering when Jack would be old enough to begin carrying on conversations...especially in the car. For a good while now he's been talking a lot about his surroundings and pointing out all his favorite animals, vehicles and landmarks:

"football games" = the local high school football stadium
"tractor" = anything that resembles a tractor
"motomycle" = motorcycles, mopeds, etc.
"bickle, bickle" = bicycle
"water tower" = water tower...should be self explanatory, folks!

Well, this morning he pointed out a barn and the conversation proceeded as so:

Jack: daddy tractor barn
Me: Yes, daddy keeps his tractor* in his barn* Did you ride on the tractor last night with daddy? Jack: Yep, and bath!
Me: You did take a bath. Was it fun?
Jack: Yep!
Me: Daddy is fun, isn't he? I sure do like Daddy.
Jack: Yea. Daddy buddy.
Me: Is Daddy your buddy?
Jack: Yea.
Me: I love Daddy.
Jack: Me too, Daddy. pauses to correct himself. Me too, Mommy.

*for the record, we do live in a somewhat rural area, but we do not actually own a real tractor or a barn (much to my husband's dismay). We do have a small storage building behind our home that houses most of Josh's tools and lawn equipment, including a riding lawn mower.


Kim said...

I love conversations with the little ones. So sweet. *Just wait until you go by a cow that's taking care of his business (see Mom Fact #1).

Carolyn said...

So sweet! Those conversations are are really neat...even if they aren't about much. I love your new pictures. Everyone looks great! Those boys sure are cute!

our little family said...

Oh lordy, here come those stinkin' tears. Hard to believe when we see him next month he'll be able to hold a conversation. sweet. Can't wait!

thehollandfamily said...

that is precious. It will be great for him to go back and read all these conversations. Little talks are sweet