Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Breaks

Around here spring break doesn't mean much other than Jack asks every other day if he's going to school. I'm thinking he's going to be pretty disappointed when the answer is "in a few more weeks" instead of "tomorrow." I'm sure we'll find a way to pass the time this with potty training. Ugh! Seriously though we are looking forward to fun playdays at the park, trips to the water park in Gainesville and more. In the meantime, we enjoyed what spring break meant to everyone else. First, it was a visit from Aunt Emmy a couple of weeks ago when her school was out. As always, Jack had a blast playing with Aunt Emmy.

Last week, it was Grandmommy's turn. She came and spent the afternoon with us on Wednesday. We had fun taking her to our Wednesday night fellowship dinner at church. Jack enjoyed playing some baseball in the yard before we all piled in the car to take advantage of the DQ Blizzard anniversary...does anyone know where to get a blizzard around here? Anyway, here's a pic of Grandmommy Garrett with two of her favorite things: grandkids and ice cream! We loved celebrating the Blizzard's 25th with you!

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