Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Okay so it may feel like August, but it's only April so there are still a few more months until football season starts (and some of the best months of the year). Last Saturday was the UGA spring game, which is basically a scrimmage between first team offense and defense and second team offense and defense that is open to the public (a.k.a. thousands of fanatics who need a taste of their beloved sport to get them through the summer...oh, and lots of kids.)

We live right around the corner from the high school here and pass the football field just about every time we go anywhere. So, Jack talks about football all the time. Not to mention one of his favorite bedtime books is all about football. (It's a real must-read for any true dawg fan!) To satiate our son's fanaticism we elected to take him to the G-Day game. Josh swears Jack won't be going to a real UGA game until he can sit through watching one on tv (by that time he may have his own student ticket!)

It was pretty hot on Saturday, but we arrived in time to snag some of the coveted club level seats. So, Sam snoozed away in the shade courtesy of the arms of Mema and Aunt Emmy. Jack was completely mesmerized when we first arrived, but that quickly gave way to the need for popcorn and juice. After the game, we marched him up to North Campus to see the Arch and the chapel bell (which is rung after each victory)...both landmarks are in his story book. We finished our campus tour at the bookstore. Without a nap, Jack was exhausted by the time we loaded in the car around 5.

We've been up to a lot more, but I gotta get to some, just check out the photos here.

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our little family said...

Wooo Hooo! I know you guys are just thrilled that he loves football & I'm quite sure he'll pass that on to little brother. I see lots of popcorn & games in your future. LOVE all the new pictures!!!!! :-)