Monday, April 19, 2010

Two & Two

So, it's 2 and 2 again. We've got a two year old and two month old, and things never seem to slow down. But, I'm not really sure we'd know what to do if they did. By now, we're getting very accustomed to life with two. By far the hardest part has been readjusting to life with a baby. Packing a much bigger bag and scheduling your outings around feedings and vice versa.

This weekend was no different than most with a few different activities to bounce between. Friday night a friend and I headed to a massive garage sale. I left with some new jewelry. Josh worked overnight in the ER, so after giving the boys their baths I tucked Jack in bed. Next I worked on getting Sam settled down for the night, which usually takes a little longer.

Josh came home the next morning with breakfast in hand, which was met with roars of approval by all. "Biscuit and bacon," yells Jack. Even though he said he didn't need a nap, Josh crawled into bed after breakfast. And I figured he didn't care for the two year old jumping on his head and yelling, "daddy, down!" So, while Josh & Sam snoozed away, I took Jack to the Build To Grow workshop at Lowe's. He loved the hammering and was quite proud of his planter. In fact, when we got home we set out to spruce it up a bit with some paint. He has asked to paint every day since then.

Anyway, around lunchtime Josh was ready to join the party. So, we all enjoyed some fun. Later we gathered at a friend's house to celebrate her birthday. Saturday was also Sam's official two-month milestone. We don't have a check-up until next week, but I'm eager to see how much he's grown. He seems longer and has definitely packed on some pounds. Jack is tall, but not sure he'll outweigh his little brother forever.


our little family said...

yummy breakfast, a date w/ jack, and birthday parties. what a great weekend! I still can't believe sam is 2 months old!!

black tag diaries said...

so glad you made it friday night to the preview sale... why didn't you wear all of your bracelets at once on sunday? ps... i think i have some paints left if jack is interested, on the house of course :)

Merideth said...

Might I add that you are doing a FABULOUS job as a mother of those two and two?? You make it look so easy, and I know first hand that it is not. Love you!

Sarah said...

You are doing a great job with your two! Sounds like a great weekend. Hate that I didn't know about the garage sale! I love them!