Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well, I guess one of the hardest parts of having two little ones is finding something for Jack to do while I'm nursing his little brother. Most of the time I can occupy him with a snack, tv show, etc. But yesterday around the 5:30 feed dinner was in progress, Josh was on his way home and things were just great. Then I heard a big CRASH!

I quickly jumped up with Sam still in my arms to find that Jack had pulled a snow globe off the cabinet in the foyer. It was a UGA globe with campus buildings and landmarks in it (along with water and glitter). Jack loved the globe and was always asking to see it and for us to wind the music (it played the UGA fight song).

Anyway, it was sad to see it broken. Just a few weeks ago, you would get a little bit of a warning because you could hear him dragging his little wooden stool across the floor, but we had just taught him how to pick it up and carry it. I have to start putting his stool in a place he can't get it now.

On the bright side, my floors have never shined quite like this...thanks to the glitter!


Sarah said...

What a bummer! Aubrey has broken 2 during the Christmas season and they aren't fun to clean up! Boys will be boys!

Kim said...

Oh no! Was Jack upset?
Isn't glitter fun?! I don't think that it is possible to ever get it all up.

kriswalls said...

I love glitter! It's the best art and craft tool! Independence is great- sometimes! Sorry about the mess!