Friday, April 9, 2010

Right Now...

A friend of mine posted this little "get to know me" segment on her blog today. I thought I would play copy-cat...

I Am- nursing Sam (yep, I can multi-task. Love the new laptop).
I Have- a very messy kitchen and I haven't cooked in days!
I Wish- I had a clean and organized kitchen...the counters are my dumping spots.
I Want- a hot fudge sundae from DQ (they have the best soft serve).
I Fear- that Sam doesn't get as much attention as Jack did at his age.
I Hear- the Golf Channel commentators talking about the Masters leaderboard.
I Search- for good deals.
I Wonder- what my children will grow up to be.
I Regret- that I didn't appreciate my care free college years as much as I should have.
I Love- my family. I'm incredibly blessed to be surrounded by handsome men :)
I Always- forget (or don't have time) to make a grocery list.
I Usually- spend more time online than I intend to.
I Am Not- very good at saying no.
I Sing- very rarely. Typically only if I am alone or in large groups.
I Never- enjoy cooking; baking on the other hand...
I Cry- if I get really sad
I Am Not Always- the best at keeping in touch with old friends.
I Need- to call a few old friends!

I would love to see what some of you are up to "right now."


Chris and April said...

we need to have a DQ date. i love DQ ice cream. its the best!

black tag diaries said...

love it laura! i hope i can be a mother that "multi-tasks" that well one day... very impressive :)

Kim said...

I love it! I just might have to "steal" this post as well!

So you got a laptop. Does Josh see you more? LOL! I gotta get one.