Thursday, April 29, 2010

So which is it?

A couple of weeks ago some fellow MOPS and I were enjoying our annual Spa Day meeting and we were tasked with using some conversation starters. One of the most intriguing has kept creeping back into my head over the past several days. The question was: "Is it better to be a kid or an adult?" As moms to preschoolers who demand so much attention, every one's gut reaction was to say, "kid." Case closed, right? Then a couple of folks admitted they preferred being adults...I mean we get to do whatever we want, right?

Anyway, I keep lingering on the topic and figured I'd jot down these thoughts and sort of compare and contrast as well as hear what you think. Maybe you want to give your own take...

As kids I think I we are pretty much care-free. No stresses about finances, jobs or even parenting ("is he doing what other 2-year-olds are doing?" "what is the best school?") Most of your big decisions when you are a kid is whether to ask for a pink bicycle or a purple one, right?

On the other hand as a kid, someone is always telling you what to do, right? "Get dressed, do your homework, clean up your toys, eat your broccoli." Of course as an adult, you still have some authority (a boss, supervisor, etc.), but no one is going to tell you that you can't eat a little debbie for breakfast or anything. (Not saying I've done that, just an example.)

I often find myself wishing I could climb inside Jack's head and know exactly what he is thinking. Most of the time it's when he says things like "Jack happy" or "hey buddy" to his little brother. Other times it's when he is in full tantrum mode and nothing can console him. Either way, I do find myself thinking sometimes that he and especially Sam have it and sleep whenever you want. I certainly appreciate the opportunity I have as a SAHM, but wouldn't I trade it to be a kid again?

I think for me the answer is no. Although some days I want to curl up with Jack for his afternoon nap instead of doing laundry, working on volunteer commitments or nursing Sam. But, I am incredibly blessed and thankful for all this life has given me. Was there ever a truer sense of companionship or a better best friend than the one I have now in my husband?

I guess in the words of Hannah Montana in an ideal situation we'd have the "best of both worlds." The feeling of running barefoot on a fresh cut lawn chasing fireflies on a summer (a word that loses a great deal of its impact once you are no longer a student) night or the rush of excitement as you creep downstairs on Christmas morning mixed in with the ability to make your own decisions and get a coke in the drive thru at McDonald's if you feel like it.

Anyway, these are my mindless ramblings. I'd love to hear your take on things. My apologies to those looking for pictures of cute kids or funny stories about said children...this blog will eventually return to its regularly scheduled programming :)


our little family said...

ok, hysterical that you are quoting hannah montana! i want to be a kid only when i am sick & tired and want to take naps...and have someone tuck me in and rub my back whenever I want to. however, love being an adult and enjoying real life eating something fancier than strawberries and PB&J!
On a sidenote- I'd love to have carson's skinny legs & cry when i don't get my way.

Chris and April said...

i totally agree with being able to get a coke from mcd's whenever i want or right now, a sweet tea. but i would also enjoy not having to worry about finances or cooking some days. but i would never want to go through middle school again!

Merideth said...

I LOVE being an adult! Even though I don't always act like one :-)

Kim said...

Put me with the adult crowd, too. Just don't make me act like one! I love that with every stage of life God gives us new adventures and possibilities.
And I'm with Jenn, do you watch Hannah Montana often? Can I send Hailey to watch it with you?

Sarah said...

I'm going w/adult also. Although sometimes having to make decisions and take care of everyone wears on me, it's worth it overall.