Thursday, July 3, 2008


Last Friday evening our house was a bustle of activity as we hosted several families from our Sunday School class for a cook-out. The threat of rain almost spoiled the evening, but the showers held off for our little soiree. The Kellys brought a huge inflatable water slide, which was definitely the hit of the party. The kids loved it. Here's Haleigh taking a trip down the slide and Madeline fast behind her.

After burgers and dogs, the kids took a turn on the slip 'n slide. Even the ones that had already been changed into their dry clothes! So, a little while later when it was time for ice cream...we had a few running around in their jammies and a little less! Jani Grace and Josh had a good time together. She and her sister Juli loved dancing. Here's Jani laughing about something!

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