Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday x 3 = FUN!

Saturday we had the pleasure of having Josh's family over to celebrate three birthdays. Mine, our nephew Sean's and Josh's dad's are all within about two weeks. We typically celebrate together. When they arrived Josh's sister and I started on a cake. Kristy had envisioned a green cake with football players and cheerleaders on it. She made all the characters in advance. The cake was certainly delicious, but I'm not sure you want to call the Food Network just yet...the finished product wasn't exactly picture perfect, but still photo worthy. Who knows...maybe it will end up over here at some point!

Sean & Jack had a ball playing together as always. Grandmommy & Grandaddy also brought Jack & Sam their very own patio table for outside. Thankfully, the rain stopped and it turned out to be a pretty comfortable afternoon outside. So, the table was assembled and snack were enjoyed!

Sam enjoyed some tickles from his Aunt Kristy too. It was a triple sized celebration just perfect for three special people...hey, the writer reserves the right to call herself special :)

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kriswalls said...

Ok! I am loving the cake! I've never seen a Georgia cake lack in the colors of red and black until now! I can only imagine the fun that went into baking and decorating that masterpiece! What an exciting August- 3 birthdays!