Tuesday, August 17, 2010

M is for Meltdown

So, the morning started out pretty smoothly. Jack was up and going by 6:45. I was halfway expecting to have to drag him out of the bed at 7:45. So, we had some quiet time and breakfast (chocolate milk & blueberry nutrigrain bar). Since Sam was snoozing away, Jack watched Clifford while I prepared Sam's breakfast. Then, after showering I got Jack dressed and worked on that dreaded bed head. Sam finally woke up, but there was really only time to get him dressed and in the car before heading off to school. So, he got his bottle in the car. I managed to snap a few shots of Jack before we loaded up.

We talked about school all the way to the church. He seemed excited or as excited as normal. He absolutely LOVED school last year and would run to greet his teachers. So, I expect this year to be the same...but alas it make take a while to get there. I walked him in and got him interested in puzzles and he began working on them with his buddy, Andrew. Maybe it was the other four kids melting down, the fact that it's a new room, the fact that we've been together mostly all summer, but our big boy lost it when he noticed I'd left the room. Yelling and screaming for his mommy. I got around the corner and realized I'd forgotten to give his teacher his extra clothes. I returned to leave them at the door, and he spotted me through the glass (despite the fact that it's tinted). I reassured him to no avail. So, Sam and I just left. (Afterall, we had a date with the pediatrician.) Of course, when I get to the car my iPod had to be playing Lyle Lovett's "If I Needed You." I know he settled down shortly after I left, otherwise they would have called me, but I wanted to scoop him up and love on him some more. I must admit it feels so good when the big boy still wants to be held. Anyway, I look forward to our drop-offs going a lot smoother as the school year progresses. Maybe soon it will be much like last year, when he runs ahead of me to his class...yet, greets me with a longing smile and big hug at pick-up!

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Lindsey Brackett said...

Annabelle still melts down when I drop her off...but has no problem with Daddy! Hope Thursday is better!