Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Words from the Wise?

I've been meaning to update everyone on a few of the things that Jack has been saying these days. Here are a few things Josh & I overhear:

"I saw thunder. I saw light-ting too. I saw it yesy-a-day!"
Yesy-a-day to mean anytime in the recent past (including earlier that same day or a week ago)

"Don't kick, baby Sam. Or get BIG 'pankin!"
'Pankin means spanking. I have no idea where he learned to threaten with spanking

"Let's go get wet car!"
This means he wants to go through the automatic carwash.

"I love motor-mycle. Do you love motor-mycle?"
He's a tad bit obsessed with motorcycles.

"I know two Caro-lions!"
Caro-lion is used interchangably for Caroline. He gets excited when he realizes he knows two people with the same name. It happened again the other day: "I know two Mr. Y-ans! (a.k.a. Ryan)

"Yes, sir."
We've almost broken him of saying, "yeah" all the time, but he doesn't quite have the hang of sir vs. mam. So, everyone is a sir.

"Daddy go hoppa-pital and help sick people?"
Right up there with his obsession with fire trucks, ambulances and airplanes are hospitals. Somehow he can pick them out when we are in other cities, too!

"Thank you God for my teddy bear cookies. Thank you God for my cookies. Thank you God for my chocolate cookies with candy. Amen"
You really never know where bedtime prayers are going to take you each night. Sometimes they are sweet, other times hilarious, but always honest! When's the last time you thanked God for Teddy Grahams?

After being rewarded for pooping in the potty with a new DVD, a recent bedtime prayer went like this. Jack: "Thank you God for baby Sam. Thank you God for Daddy. Thank you God for my movies." Josh: "And thank you God for Mommy." Jack: "No, my MOVIES!"

"No, I do it my by self."
He likes to exercise his independence.

When being prepped before entering a friend's house who just had a new baby, I reminded him that we don't touch babies. Jack: "We just touch baby Sam?" Me:"Yes we can touch baby Sam gently." Jack: "And...Miss Meh-a-dif's baby?" Me: "Yes, sometimes you do touch baby Ellie."

"Pssst...baby Sam, wake up! Look for Thomas." This was said in a whisper on the way to Bryson City last Friday.


Carolyn said...

Laura these are too sweet. It is great that you are getting all these written down because we forget all too soon how cute they are. The twins still get the mam and sir thing mixed up, but as long as they say it I don't care...we can fix that soon enough. I just hope no one else gets offended!

Heather O'Dell said...

Oh so sweet! Moments that are so fleeting you definitely want to capture!