Sunday, August 29, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Over the last few days I've caught myself smiling and enjoying a few somewhat simple pleasures.

Watching the sheer joy a homemade ramp can bring to a pair of automobile lovers!

Getting a haircut. Having your hair shampooed and styled by someone else is sheer bliss, not to mention the adult conversation.

Two dry nights in a row for Jack. He had a bad spell there for a few days, which translated to a grumpy mommy. We're also finally seeing some victories on the #2 front (or rear). Pretty much telling us he needs to go at some point everyday and succeeding!

Seeing your sweet toddler sharing his prized popsicle with his little brother unprompted. This included removing Sam's paci, letting him try the popsicle and then returning the paci to previous position!

Finding some time for leisure reading. Whether it's a magazine or a book. I've found a few moments this week to get lost in the printed words.

The slight breeze (notice I said slight, April!). I'm a lover of warm temperatures, but this summer has been one of the hottest I can remember. I am thankful for things cooling off just a lunches on the back deck and afternoons outside. I feel like we haven't been able to step outside before 7:30 p.m. all summer long.

White knee socks on fat little chubby baby legs.


April said...

i do love a lot about fall...i mean without it i wouldn't have college game day, sec football, friday night lights, chili, tailgates, and eli's bday! but hate what it brings. i think i was a little too harsh speaking about the breeze the other day. i'll get over it. it has been a lot easier welcoming fall this year, knowing i didn't have a classroom to go to. thank you Jesus!

Lindsey Brackett said...

Lots to love! It really is the simple things..and fall is my favorite season!