Monday, August 2, 2010

What About Sam?

A dear friend of mine recently asked if Sam joined us on our journey to meet Thomas. I then realized I had left him out of the pictures I posted on the blog. I guess such is the life of an easy-going, well-behaved, good-natured second child. I again did my Baby Wise techniques and know they have a good deal to do with his good-nature and flexibility, but we also know that we've been blessed by a fantastic little one. Because he goes with the flow so easily and joins in the fun, he rarely gets mentioned in my posts. Poor guy...I guess he if threw a fit or caused a hiccup in our plans, he'd be more likely to get a nod. Anyway, here's what our precious little Sam has been up to...
Enjoying some TLC from Gracie during a recent playdate.

Getting kisses from Mommy while enduring the Thomas train ride.

Trying to get someone to give me some REAL food. "Man those goldfish look yummy!"

Using big brother as my tackling dummy

Catching some Zzzzs at the ball park in the suite. "What ball game?"

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Lindsey Brackett said...

I wondered about Sam, too, but figured like Amelia he was in the background sleeping in his stroller. I'm planning a post about all the times she's hung out in that stroller this summer while the big girls have had big fun! Sam is such a sweetheart. You are blessed!