Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday, Monday

So, I managed to get both boys bathed and in bed at a decent hour (although still about 20 minutes later than I had hoped). And, nevermind, htat he laid awake chattering and talking for at least another 20 minutes. I also got more laundry folded and put away. I got Jack's lunch made for tomorrow. I have his clothes laid out and his bag packed. Tomorrow is Jack's first day of 2-year-old preschool. This year he's a Wiggle Worm. I've been prepping him for a few days about going back to school. I don't anticipate any struggle because he LOVED school so much last year. The only hiccup may be in the mornings...let's just say we've been taking it quite easy this summer. I won't complain too much since his school doesn't even start until 9 a.m., but some mornings this summer he has slept until 8:30! (Not to mention little brother Sam has grown accustomed to a lax schedule sometimes snoozing until 9!) I'm hoping getting them both in bed by 8:30 (even though it was after 8:45, when I tucked Jack in.) Anyway, I'm looking forward to my morning with Sam. We'll get a little date every Tuesday while Jack is at school. I'm afraid it will usually include boring errands like the grocery store or cleaning house. I'm thinking he really won't be excited about tomorrow's date: Six month check-up with Dr. Schulz...which means shots. Ouch!

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