Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Dear Sleep,
Where are you tonight? Have I forsaken you? Is that why you have abandoned me tonight/this morning? I know I waited much too late to greet you Monday evening, but isn't that pretty much our routine? I even thought that might make our date tonight all the more lovely.

Perhaps somethings are too big for you. Is my mind too cluttered for you to clear? Is my internal computer jumping too quickly from program to program for you to find the 'hibernate' button? I guess I shouldn't blame you. I do have much on my mind.

I do appreciate that you have been visiting my little ones for at least 10-11 hours each night. Aside from the slight interruption at 1:30, from Jack's bladder. Does that mean he'll hang out with you a little longer in the morning? I sure hope so...because if I ever get the splendor of meeting you tonight/this morning, I'm betting I won't be so pleasant at 6:45.

Although not here on the blog, I've done my best to jot down a few of my brain's hyper-activity, so maybe we can try to get together again in a few minutes. I'd love to get to know you again.

Yours Truly,


Kim said...

Ah, sleep is a fickle friend. Hope he didn't elude you totally!

Lindsey Brackett said...

Dear Laura,
I am sorry I have left you for a time. But take heart, I'll return soon. In the meantime, I'm over at the Bracketts working on Amelia. She's not as receptive as Sam to the idea of sleeping all night. So if I don't make it back to you tonight, feel free to message Lindsey. She's probably up too wondering if I'm ever coming back to her.
Thinking of you,