Sunday, June 27, 2010

Celebrating Sweet Friends

Two of the highlights of last week were a pair of celebrations for two very dear friends. The first was a much-needed girls night out to celebrate Shannon's birthday! We really gave her a hard time and reminded her how old she is! Mostly, because no one would ever know by looking at her or being around her. I've really only known Shannon for a couple of years (my first born and her second were born just weeks apart), but I've had the wonderful pleasure to really get to know her the last several months. Her friendship is such a blessing. Full of life and wonderful laughter, she is so much fun to be around. Soooo glad we could celebrate your big day (albiet a couple of weeks late!)

The second was a sweet baby shower for my dear friend Erin. I met Erin through MOPS, but am so thankful that we've had the opportunity to grow closer the last year or so. Erin has two boys, Gus & Mack, that frequently make appearances here on the blog. Not only because they are as cute as pie, but because they are such sweet friends of Jack & Sam. Despite being a whole year older, Gus has been such a great little playmate for Jack and always bring cool toys to share at the playground. And, Mack well let's face it, Erin, he's going to make sure we all stay on our toes with his adventurous spirit and lack of fear! Well, what could make this group anymore fun? Try adding a sweet little girl into the mix!! We had such fun showering Erin with a few little sweet treats for her sweet gal on the way. We look forward to meeting this adorable addition, who is sure to be well taken care of by those great big brothers!!


our little family said...

yay!! celebrating two of my favorite people as well. they both look fantastic in these pics! love the hattie collage.

Erin said...

okay, tears have been shed over your blog again! i think we're the lucky ones to have such amazing friends!! (including that commenter right up there :) thanks, laura! you are a blessing to me. and let's not forget what jack & mack will be up to for the years to come...oh, dear!