Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Throwing in the towel?

It's only a couple hours into bootcamp and I'm already prepared to throw in the towel (or big boy underpants in this case). I've dealt with kicking, screaming, pleading, yelling and extreme frustration and Jack hasn't been happy either...just kidding. So, maybe I should just listen to those of you that said you tried at his age and your boys weren't ready. You urged me to wait until he decided he was ready. He wants to be a big boy SOOO badly, but I've been telling him that big boys don't wear diapers. This morning during one of our potty trips, I asked him if he was a baby. He insisted he was not but also asked to wear a diaper. I don't want those to be my signs...I want him to be ready. I was prepared to put up with accidents, but not with a little one who despises the potty. I don't want to give up...mostly because I hate to lose! Well, better go...it's almost time to try again!


Gabe and Layla's mommy said...

Don't give up yet. And don't over stress about it. Gabe was good and three before he got it. Boys are weird and this is no exception! Layla's not even a boy and she's no where near "there" yet! Good luck!!

Love your blog header! ;-)

Sarah said...

Don't give up! You can come over next week on Wed,Thurs,Fri when I've decided to do boot camp here if he's not done yet and we can work on it together! ;) I absolutely dread/hate/abhor, etc. potty training, but I have to get it done. I am so over diapers. So hang in there, friend. I'm right "behind" you. Get it? ;)