Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yes, eventually I will blog about something other than our potty training bootcamp that is taking place this week. In fact, I still owe you details about our Memorial Day reunion with friends old and new. My mind, however, is still in complete potty mode. If you choose to ignore this and similar posts, I promise not to be offended. I can completely understand if you've grown weary of my potty humor...literally.

Anyway, as I mentioned day one finished on a high note. And day two picked up right where we left off. We didn't manage to wake up dry, but I had not expected that either. By noon or so, Jack had sat on the potty three times all based on my reminders and reading his cues. Twice those resulted in pee pee. He was quite proud of himself for staying dry...and of course, I was over the moon. I knew we still had accidents ahead, but I thought he was at least catching on.

I realized this morning that I had not left the house since church on Sunday morning and was beginning to go a little stir-crazy. I got Jack dressed and he said he was ready to go. I asked him where he wanted to go he said the grocery store. So, we ventured off to Ingles, where he was happy to partake of a cookie. We stayed dry during our whole outing, which also included meeting daddy for lunch at Side Street deli. On the way home, I asked Jack if he was ready for a nap, which he declined. Instead he wanted to play football. I agreed that sounded fun, but reminded him we were working hard to stay dry and we might need to go to the potty first. He declined. I unloaded the car and then came back out to play with him. Within seconds of my return he paused. I of course urged him to hurry to the potty, but he remained frozen. We had our first accident of the day.

So, after some encouragement to hurry inside so we could change, he replied, "no hurry, I walk!" I got him cleaned up and had him sit on the potty, but he had already let it all go. We went back outside for a little longer and watched the thunderstorm brewing. Finally, we were ready to come in for a nap. Despite his extreme distaste for mandatory potty time, I have been making him sit on the potty before naptime and bedtime (last night resulted in a successful trip). At this point he had what I felt was a pretty major set-back. He began to whine and beg for a diaper and asked to get up on the changing table. His pride in being a big boy had disappeared (hopefully temporarily). I managed to convince him to sit down for a bit and we read a book. By the end, nothing had happened and he had calmed down. So, now he's napping and will more than likely wake up wet, but hopefully be ready to tackle his dry-ness with a new vengeance!

In other news, I got some video of little Sam talking away to his daddy last night. I'll try to get around to uploading it soon...lest I lose the few readers I have left because of this potty monopolization.

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Lindsey Brackett said...

Sounds like you're doing great. You have amazing patience! and on another note, I love meeting my Joshua for lunch at Side Street too!