Monday, June 28, 2010

A Day at the Movies!

Saturday we all took in Toy Story 3, and not a one was disappointed. It was Jack's first real trip to the movies. I'm pretty sure we took him with us to see Juno in the theatre when he was a couple of months old. Sam was a champ sleeping through almost the entire show!

Jack was captivated by the really big tv, and didn't waste anytime asking for popcorn and candy! He was on the edge of his seat, and Buzz and Woody have definitely endeared themselves to his little heart. He eventually grew a little restless, but my stash of snacks and drinks seemed to keep him occupied. A definite success for his first trip to the movies!

By the way...the movie was great and is a must-see!


our little family said...

love hearing about his first movie experience! they are growing up too fast...

black tag diaries said...

i can't wait to see toy story 3... i heard it was amazing. glad to hear that jack agrees.