Monday, June 7, 2010

Not My Best Ever

I dragged the boys to CVS this morning to get a few things, and by a few, I mean:
  • 4 cases (12-packs) of coca-cola

  • 3 jumbo pkgs of Pampers

  • 2 pkgs of foundation

  • 1 men's power razor

  • 1 pkg (9 rolls) of charmin

  • 3 bottles of Dawn

  • 4 Glade scented candles

I spent $37.17 out of pocket for all this, and still have $5 extra care bucks and a $5 rebate coming (minus the cost of the stamp, I guess).

Anyway, certainly not my best trip ever, but anytime you can snag good diapers for less than $5 a package, it's a good trip.


Lindsey Brackett said...

So you're saying I should go to CVS and buy diapers,right?

Kim said...

Sooo wish I could do this!! Without the diapers though.