Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pretty Good Average

I've had this post about half composed in my head for the better part of a week thinking that I owed you all at least a short update on our potty training adventures. Things have been going pretty great. We're certainly not accident-free by any means, but it has become part of the routine and less of a big deal. Although I still remind him from time to time, I'm not incessantly asking if he is staying dry.

Pooping was the final hurdle, which I think we've cleared, but I'm still not sure we've crossed the finish line. After that first incident, I would say he was about 3 for 10 on achieving potty pooping success. Which if you ask any baseball fan, they'd probably agree .333 ain't a bad average. But, if you ask a mom, that's still 7 too many pairs of unclean underpants. The last week or so it has gotten a lot better. He's still holding it in and always waits until the last possible moment to reluctantly sit down on the potty, but the average is probably closer to 6 or 7 for his last 10.

He hasn't pooped in any potty outside our home and pretty much sits only on the big potty now for all business, which is good but means he needs help climbing aboard. Anyway, I hope he won't have a big issue in a couple of weeks when we go to the beach for a week. I know all our housemates are hoping the same!

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