Thursday, June 10, 2010

Splish Splash

Tuesday we ventured down to the Splash Zone in Gainesville. Thankfully, my sweet sister agreed to join us. I'm not sure I would have attempted it alone with the two boys. We went a handful of times last year, and Jack was pretty timid. I wasn't sure he'd be any braver this year, but he let his aunt Emmy lead him all over the place. He waded in the water without too much fear and wasn't phased much by the chilly water...his purple lips told a different story.

Twice Emily got him to the top of the spray tower only for him to back down on previous requests to go down the slide. Later (when it warmed up a bit and the sun came out) we traded spots. Emily watched Sam in the shade while I helped Jack "swim" around the lazy river. He loved kicking his legs and swimming like a fish. He would have done it much longer, but it grew too crowded for this mom and we made a break for Chick-fil-A.

Speaking of Chick-fil-A, I sampled the new spicy chicken sandwich. It was good, but of course CFA doesn't really make anything that isn't. Anyway, I don't think I prefer it over the original, but may add it into my rotation every now and again.

We had a great time with Aunt Emmy. Jack was thrilled that she came bearing gifts from "Umple Jonafin." A very awesome Thomas towel, Sesame Street movies and a stuffed dog just like his Aunt Emmy's. He's been walking around the house with his "doggie." If you ask, he'll tell you, "his name Cash," (just like another dog we know.)


Emily said...

LOVE LOVE it!! I had a blast too and these are memories I will carry with me when I cant make the trip to see them!! Thanks for making me a part of the day! Love you!

our little family said...

jack seems to love the Splash Zone & I'm with you...not sure i'd take both alone either! Not there- it's too crazy! Such fun memories you are sharing with Auntie Em before she goes to make some really cool memories with her hubby! Enjoy these fun summer days. That Sam- he's a cutie!!!!

thehollandfamily said...

Enjoyed spending time with ya'll. Wish ya'll did not have to leave so early. Maybe next time the boys can stay longer.

Sarah said...

It was fun being with you and so neat to meet Emily. It's such a blessing to have a sister to do things like that with. Glad you guys had a fun day out!