Monday, June 7, 2010

Get Ready to Ride!

So, here's a recap of what happened at our house yesterday: after church and a short nap, I unpacked a new printer and got it installed. Our final big task of the day was to work on the missing piece of our potty training puzzle. Jack has been doing great, staying dry all day (even during naps and waking up dry most mornings). The poop has been our final hurdle. To quote Josh, "he's holding on to it like it's gold!" Our somewhat regular kid has gone to once every couple of days and those haven't taken place on the potty. Josh & I both thought we'd be able to catch him right before and then get him up there and praise the poop out of him, literally. It hadn't happened yet. So on Sunday he got a little encouragement (if you want the details I'll share, but in a different venue...somethings are even too much for this blog!), and managed to have his first successful poop on the potty.

I'm sure you remember the prize awaiting. Josh had actually planned to put it together earlier, but we both got sidetracked. So, I got Jack's tools and let him help. Josh got all the pieces out of the box and set to work. Jack kept saying, "where is it?" and looking in the empty box! Finally once Josh got the front wheel on his little mind (Jack's, that is) could see it taking shape. He grabbed the seat and got to work!

We took it for a spin outside. He already has the hang of the pedals, the steering is a different story. When we told him to turn he would lean his whole body over instead of actually moving the handle bars! Anyway, I'm most certain our poopy woes aren't over, but I do hope that with the first successful one behind us we can begin to make some progress now.

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Kim said...

Woo Hoo! Go Jack!
Guess he's heard on the news what gold is going for these days.