Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Go Cayafornia!

So, we got new neighbors a few months ago right before Sam was born. We're delighted to have a friendly family with two kids next door. The youngest of the two kids is about 9 years old. He's very sweet to Jack, and Jack loves to play with "E-man-yule." A few weeks ago we were playing outside and Emmanuel told me he was excited about school ending and that he was getting ready to leave for the summer. I learned he'd be gone all summer to visit family in California.

A couple of weeks ago, Jack started asking, "Where E-man-yule?" When I told him he was in California, Jack decided he'd like to go to, "I go Caya-fornia! I go Caya-fornia with E-man-yule."

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our little family said...

you tell that sweet boy if he needs someone to take him to cayafornia that jenn in merry-land looves to travel & i'll take him there! glad you have new neighbors!!