Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pass the towel?

Okay, so it's naptime here and it's pretty much the sanest I've felt all day. I'm catching up on some mindless activities like blogging and laundry. I felt I should put in another update to let you know that things have gotten mildly better since this morning when things started off with a real bang. (At one point, he admitted he'd rather be a baby and wear diapers than be a big boy and sit on the potty!) Jack is still pretty resistant to mandatory potty time, so I quickly ditched the timer method...there had been enough crying for one day. He's been wearing underwear all day and we've had 4 accidents. Despite my best efforts to watch his cues, signals and behaviors, we haven't managed to catch him preparing to go in time to get him to the potty. I have stopped him twice when I thought I was getting some signals and made him sit on the potty (which is still pretty agonizing), but we had no results. After each accident he has gone somewhat willingly to sit on the potty. One of those times after some urging and a somewhat prolonged sit down he peed to much celebration, fanfare and rewards. We even ventured outside to play with his new golf set.

I've spent most of the day talking about and congratulating him for staying dry while he plays and bounces around like normal...except for the fact that he's in big boy underwear. He is proud of wearing the underwear and was excited to show his daddy when he got home a little while ago. I got ready to get him down for his nap and had planned to put him in a diaper. He refused, so he's upstairs napping in his big boy underwear. I'm fully expecting for his nap to be interrupted by him waking to wet sheets, but I thought the fact that he didn't want to wear the diaper was a good thing. So, in the meantime, I think I just stepped in something wet...could you pass the towel?


kriswalls said...

hehehehe! It will get better! Love the golf clubs! The girls have some (expect they are pink!)- Ryan gets crazy upset when they don't take his coaching tips! Then we laugh like crazy and the girls continue to play! ;)

Lindsey Brackett said...

go, laura, go! well....jack go, but you know what i mean!